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outdoor ip cameraAn outdoor ip camera is a type of digital video camera that is used for surveillance. The centralized IP cameras require a central network video recorder that handles the recording, alarm and video management. The decentralized Ip cameras that do not require the central Network video recorder have an inbuilt functionality that directly records digital storage media like the hard disks, flash drives of the network attached storage.

By installing an outdoor ip camera in your business or home, it gives you a high quality and a reliable security that keep vigilant eye on your property and how things are going on. Even when you are not there, you can have a tremendous peace of mind as there is nothing that goes unrecorded as you get to have the time to rewind and have the follow ups of what has been happening. By integrating these kind of cameras with scalable end to end solution with an existing IP network, it makes a good business sense as well as better security. These cameras provide high resolution images as they give round the clock surveillance by use of IP networks.
There are those type of Ip cameras that supports JPEG, H.264 and MPEG-4 compression formats that deliver high quality pictures that have full HD resolutions at frames of 30 per second. There are some Ip cameras that are equipped with some mounting bracket which conceals most cables that are within for easy management as well as waterproofing. The cameras have housings that prevent dust as well as rain from getting into the interior of the cameras. This also ensures that the cameras operate in a stable way even when the weather conditions are extreme. This makes it to be an ideal outdoor surveillance application for airports, railway stations, garages, parking arenas, buildings as well as roads.
Day and night functionality of the outdoor ip camera makes them to be preferred for outdoor surveillance as they monitor where they are placed even when there is insufficient light as they are able to adjust to the change of daylight and darkness. The cameras have an IR cut filter that is removable as well as an inbuilt IR illuminators that makes the camera to be able to provide a color video where there is enough light and also be able to provide and black and white video when there is insufficient light. Thus, it is capable to give clear images 24 hours.
These cameras have powerful images processing attributes like the 3 dimension noise reduction as well as a wide dynamic range. The filter they are fitted with is able to filter intense backlight that surrounds an image and remove noises from the signal video. Thus, the results for this are a clear picture that is of high quality even when there are challenges in the lighting or the weather. These surveillance cameras come with advanced features that enhance functionality as well as flexibility. These features may include inputs and outputs to connect to external devices like sensors.
Tenvis IP391W Wireless WiFi IR LED IP Network Outdoor Camera

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